So, what are we all about?

We’re about 50 CRM experts across creative, strategy, data & analytics and tech.
We’re about making everything we do creative, intelligent and insightful.
We’re about targeting, brand-building, measuring and being effective.
And we’re about doing it all in real time.

We’re about being partners with our clients, not suppliers for them.
We’re about solving business challenges, not just answering briefs.
We’re about creative solutions that transform our clients’ business and brand.
Not creative for creative’s sake.

We’re about creating a great place for our people.
We’re about laughing our way through the really tough times.
We’re about being humble through our successes.
And we’re about helping our clients do the same.

But most importantly,
we’re about to change things.


What’s in a name?

TRACK. The name signifies the transformation of the CRM discipline. No longer is it simply customer retention and loyalty programs. Today, CRM is evolving to include new and emerging, trackable touch points. In other words, brands should no longer just be talking to their customers. They should be talking with them – at every step of a shared journey.


TRACK DDB focuses on data-driven systems for individualized marketing, all with a sharp creative, customer-centric focus. By tracing and following our consumers’ every step along their decision-making journey, we develop a deep understanding of each customer’s needs. This understanding helps us better serve each individual and ultimately, our clients.


We believe data drives knowledge.
Knowledge drives insight.
And insight drives transformational creativity.

Transformational creativity is about the relationship between ideas and actions. One part doesn’t work without the other. Without action, our ideas are not effective. Without effective ideas, nothing changes. But when brilliant ideas inspire action, we effect change.


33 Bloor St. E.
17th Floor
Toronto, ON
M4W 3H1

Paul Tedesco
VP, Managing Director
T: (416) 972 7773
M: (647) 222 3240

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